We’ll sit down in our office and get a little bit of a health history and a little bit of information about kind of who they were before health symptoms presented themselves, so we can better help them; and then they’ll have an opportunity to ask some questions. We’ll go over pricing and then we’ll show them the property. Usually in a lot of times we’ll want to sit down for follow-up questions after.

In home consultation available.

One of our signature services at Covington senior living as we have a move in coordinator, her name’s Janie. And Janie, we’ll go do that one on one visit in the home, help pick out furniture, and help work through if they need boxes, and assistance moving. We also love to come out and do home visits for folks that are really interested in moving into Covington Senior Living Center. We can get really a good understanding of who they are as well and see their homes and let them show us. A lot of these folks have been living in the same home for 40-60 years. And so that’s an important piece of understanding of who they are. We do have a fair amount of folks who moved from out of state as well.

Move in process: We encourage personalizing your living space. Having those signature pieces that have been in the family for a long time, are the things it makes your living space feel like a home. And I think the residents too, when they can bring those pieces that have been in the family that are really meaningful, that’s when their apartment homes really kind of take life; our move in coordinator will work with them on that level. The move in coordinator will be the new resident’s best friend for the first week or two, who you’re going to sit by in the dining room, and what activities you’re going to go to, she’s kind of their tour guide, until they’ve really grown roots here and made some friends on there on their own too.