Covington Senior Living Center Orem has a beautiful Koi pond. We have fish food at the front desk, the residents really love bringing their grandchildren and feeding the fish. There’s an outdoor fire pit where they can roast marshmallows. S’more kits are available at the front desk. On the grounds is found a fruit orchard, the fruit trees are still quite young, but we hope someday that residents can go on a walk and pick an apple off a tree.

Another unique thing in our orange building, which is our video arcade and game room for grandkids. antic pinball machine, 1980’s arcade video games, and board games and things; and so it’s a fun space for families. Located in the outdoor areas, are garden boxes, orchard, and walking loop. Our family room services as our arcade type of area where we have games and books and puzzles and bowling and giant connect four; and that’s just kind of a gathering, a fun gathering place for families to be together.

And then we have our large activities from upstairs where we have most of our daily activities that happen as well. I think for both the Covington’s as well, we, unlike a lot of facilities have a real gym with the therapy table. We have recumbent stuck steppers which are the best piece of equipment for seniors to exercise on. The Juggle board is something that all of our residents really love too. And there’s been a lot of studies at NASA and different things I’ve done with circulation and with pain management that the juggle board help with, and so that’s kind of a favorite that we have in our buildings as well.

Covington Senior Living of Orem opened in September 2017. Our community is located on the boarder of Orem and Lindon off of state street. We are across the street from kneaders bakery and just up the road from Walmart shopping center. We are 12 minutes away from University Place, 20 minutes from Sundance Mountain Resort and the beautiful Provo canyon, 39 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport.